Services for Japanese Clients

IR Consulting Service

Alba Partners advises corporate clients on best practice IR disclosures and activities. We assist our clients in bridging the gap between their self-image and the external corporate perception. We accomplish this through numerous interviews with investors and develop appealing growth strategies and corporate stories.

IR Support
Alba Partners supports our clients in organizing meetings with institutional investor and analysts, collectingand analyzing feedback. Alba Partners creates IR proposals that will support our clients in increasing their individual investor base.
Building the Corporate Story
Alba Partners helps our clients effectively promote their corporate stories by drafting, writing, correcting newsletters, press releases, chairman and CEO messages.

Advising and Producing IR Materials
Our design team provides an one-stop shopping service for our clients. Alba Partners produce promotional materials, including press releases, shareholder and annual reports, presentation materials, fact books, media kits and web sites.
Translation and Interpreter Services
Alba Partners provide excellent English and Chinese interpreters for face-to-face meetings as well as printed material translation.

Strategic Consulting

We provide industry analysis, business segment analysis, equity strategy consulting, and other detailed services to help our clients find the best solution. Our consulting services enable our Japanese corporate clients to find business opportunities overseas, and our overseas corporate clients to explore business opportunities in Japan.

Support Managerial Decision Making
We provide our clients with unbiased analyses and advice on:

  • Capital policy advisory,
  • Decision making for business planning,
  • Prioritizing business projects,

  • We also provide tailor-made employee training programs upon request.
    Support Business Start-ups in Overseas Markets
    (Information on new markets, research on potential business partners and negotiation support)
    We promote the development of new overseas markets, the expansion of new types of industries and the development of new products.

  • Researchingcutting edge technologies,
  • Shortlisting investments and business partners,
  • Finding potential investors,
  • Supporting negotiations through translation of printed materials ,arranging interpreters for telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings.
  • Arc Media Inc.

    Arc Media Inc. is a New York-based consulting firm specializing in transglobal business opportunities. The company's services include opinion leader interviews (Experts on Demand), in-depth strategic & market research and entry consulting. Arc Media has worked various projects in the countries including Japan, China, Russia, India, South East Asia, EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East and the United States.

    Industry Research and Business Analysis
    We provide customized business research and analyses for our clients.
    (Please refer to 'Equity Research')

  • Evaluate company valuations through comparative industry financial analysis,
  • Research and report future industry trends,
  • Provide business segment analysis,
  • Perform cash flow analysis.
  • Adapting to External Business Factors
    Our comprehensive service enables our clients to anticipate and adapt to external changes such as IFRS, amendments to laws and taxation systems, industry trends, and organizational restructuring.