Japan Entry

Japan Entry Services


Alba provides customized research reports on market, industry and competitor and/or comparables in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. We answer quick queries regarding legal, tax and accounting practices in Japan, before you contact professional firms that specialize in each field.

Strategic Planning and Target Search

We help our clients plan their strategy in Japan and other Asian markets.

  • Providing consultation to brush up your strategy for localization
  • Creating a list of potential customers and partners based on our internal database and outside research
  • Conducting business due diligence and financial due diligence on the target companies

  • Access and Analysis

    We help our clients narrow down and access their target companies.

  • Set up meetings with the target companies
  • Help customize the presentation
  • Offer a quick briefing session before the meeting
  • Provide transportation, interpretation, and other services on the day of the meeting
  • Follow up and provide feedback after the meeting

  • Website/Material Support

    We provide first rate services to create, edit and/or revise the Japanese version of your corporate website, presentation materials and company brochure.

  • Translation from English to Japanese and Mandarin (both traditional and simplified Chinese)
  • Customize design for Japanese and other Asian markets, works done by bilingual designer and programmer
  • Printing, delivering, updating materials upon request

  • Seminar Support

    We assist clients in organizing corporate presentations in Japan.

  • Drawing up the project plan together
  • Choosing and booking the venue
  • Designing and setting up the exhibition booth
  • Booking
    • a professional interpreter
    • a professional photographer
    • receptionist
  • Sending our invitation to potential customers and interested parties
  • Preparing name tags and other materials
  • Advising to sell materials (books, reports, etc.) at the site

  • Public Relations in Japan

    Interview "PR Package"

  • Consultation before the interview
  • Arrange a pre-meeting with the reporter => lead the interviewer to ask questions you'd like to be asked
  • Offer advice on the selection of interview photos for publication
  • Accompany our clients to the interview location and provide assistance at the site
  • Follow up with the interviewer

  • Press Release Support