Equity Research

Company Access and Analysis

Breakdown of contacts by sectors

Alba offers in-depth company visits and teleconferences with managements and IR officers. We have deep, consistent experience in these activities: In the past three years we have conducted or attended over 300 visits, teleconferences, and over 150+ analyst meetings We are able to secure appointments owing to our principals' long-standing relationships with Japanese companies, utilizing contacts from former IBJ, Mizuho, and IR professionals. Our service includes company research prior to visits (with preparation of questions) and translation during the meeting, followed promptly by meeting memos with our remarks evaluation after the visit/call.

Accounting and Related Analysis

We provide quick responses to urgent questions from customers. Our interpretation includes Japanese Accounting Rules, Taxation, and Land Appraisal, etc.

  • Description of accounting standards on retirement benefits
  • Interpretation of new inventory evaluation method
  • Appraisal of land prices using our database and official land prices
  • Fair value analysis of security holdings
  • NAV analysis on stocks, value-per-share analysis
  • Geographical analysis -- store search and comps study for retailers

  • News Monitoring

    We offer daily updates on news and events for our client portfolios through monitoring and analysis of database access, print media, investor message boards, blogs, and follow-up calls to the company.

  • Speeches by management in newspapers and magazines
  • Rumors among Japanese individual investors
  • News regarding lawsuits
  • Influence of nature hazards
  • Announcement of share buybacks, management guidance
  • Major changes in stock ownership

  • Other Services

    Financial Modelling and Updates

    Stock Screening

    On Demand Customized Reports

    Idea Generation

    We provide ideas that focuses not only on company financials, but also industry structures, the state of the economy, the political climate, the regulatory environment, changes in accounting rules, and other factors that affect equity values.

  • Analysis on regional banks, comparing NPLs, allowances, and loan-to-deposit rates
  • Cyclicality analysis
  • Research on practices of Japanese wholesalers in industries such as meat, confectionaries, and alcohol
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Urban development, comparing age and ownership of buildings
  • Impact of management guidance, whether bullish or bearish
  • Expert Network

    Alba's network includes lawyers, CPAs, bureaucrats, doctors and many senior experts in various industries.

    Our contact network extends into the following industries:
    Construction, Steel, Chemical, Retail, Advertising, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Glass, Construction Machinery, Machine Tool, Land Transportation, Airline, Marine Transportation, Shipping, Media and Communication, Life Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Mega Bank, Regional Bank, Securities, Trust Bank, Venture Capital, Game and Entertainment, and Utilities (Gas, EPCO).

    In addition to the active employees and managements, we also utilize the services of retired Japanese staff. These long-time employees have sharp eyes and well-honed instincts, but they are not constrained by the information use rules and oversight that current employees experience.

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